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We take the art of dentistry seriously and work hard to offer you the most up to date dental services available.

We are highly trained in the placement of VENEERS for that beautiful cosmetic smile makeover.

We work closely with an oral surgeon for placement of implants and then we do the final restorations for the replacement of missing teeth.

When you call for an appointment for a new patient exam we will take a sample of the bacterial plaque and determine the most appropriate cleaning for you. We then schedule you an appropriate appointment for your cleaning. With today's products and technology it is possible for you and your family to have both a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime.

In our office we take a strong stand about periodontal disease. Our commitment to bringing our patients the latest in preventive care has led us to using a microscope to evaluate each patients' level of harmful bacteria in their mouths and customize their cleaning needs. By looking at the bacteria we can determine the level of risk our patients are at to develop gum disease and future tooth loss.  This procedure also allows us to help our patients prevent and control periodontal disease by eliminating destructive and odor causing oral bacteria.

We have found that working together with our patients we can not only make their mouths feel better but actually help to control most gum disease nonsurgically.

You will hear us referring to your appointments as continuing care appointments not as recalls because we aren't recalling your teeth we are helping you care for them.

We do nitrous and conscious sedation!


veneersYou have probably heard of LUMINEERS either in the print media or on the television and wonder just what they are.

LUMINEERS are very thin and strong porcelain veneers made in a special lab in California, They were originally made for Hollywood stars in the early years and were a well kept secret. Shirley Temple reportedly had them to make her smile beautiful during her fim career. When the developer died he left the technology to be used by the general dentist. These dentists must have hours of special training and an artistic eye to be considered LUMINEER dentists. Denmat corporation purchased the technology and refined the process we have today.

The beauty of veneers done by Denmat, known as LUMINEERS, is that they are incredibly thin and can be bonded with a variety of colors to exactly match or enhance your natural tooth color. Because of their thinness and durability they can be placed on teeth without doing any or minimal tooth structure reduction. This is what sets them apart from traditional veneers. In the traditional veneer placement you must remove approximately 1 -2mm of tooth enamel so that the thicker veneers can be placed without making your teeth look and feel too thick. LUMINEERS look beautiful and natural without sacrificing any natural tooth structure. LUMINEERS are approximately .3mm thick.

Because LUMINEERS are so thin, they can be used in a variety of applications without removing tooth structure or making the tooth much thicker.

Uses include but are not limited to:

  • Minor alignment problems
  • Color change
  • Tooth shape change
  • Covering Tetracycline staining
  • Correcting tooth size discrepancies
  • Repairing broken porcelain on anterior crowns.

Call our office at (509) 662-9685 for a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for these fabulous smile makers.

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

perioThe number one cause of tooth loss in the American public is from periodontal disease. With that in mind we have made a strong commitment to healing gum disease and saving teeth.

A large part of our commitment to our patients is to help them be healthy. Recent research has connected a variety of systemic health problems to the bacteria in the oral cavity.  Heart disease and diabetes can be seriously affected by the bacteria in the oral cavity.  Low birth weights and premature births have also been linked to oral bacterial infection. We believe that everything we do restoratively is supported by  healthy gums and bone. Restorations last longer and look beautiful longer when the gums are healthy.

When you come for an appointment for a new patient exam we will take a sample of the bacterial plaque and determine the most appropriate cleaning for you. We then schedule you an appointment for a cleaning. If a periodontal infection is found at the initial exam, The Doctor and Hygienist will work  closely with you during several cleaning and polishing procedures to get the mouth free of destructive bacteria. By doing this form of treatment, known as microscopically monitored periodontal therapy{MMPT} we are able to treat nearly all periodontal disease without surgery.

We will continue to closely monitor your bacteria using the microscope technology. We want to be sure we are still having success controlling the harmful bacteria. If we find a recurrence of the bacteria we  can intervene early before there is any bone destruction. You will hear us referring to your appointments as continuing care appointments not as recall because we are not recalling your teeth but are helping you care for them.

We are happy to be the ones who do the job of protecting you from losing your teeth and having a healthy beautiful smile for a lifetime.  We know that healthy gums are a foundation for your fabulous smile and that is what we are all about.

Breath Rx

breathrxBreath Rx products available in our office are antibacterial and alcohol free. We recommend these products for everyone and find that they work excellent in conjunction with our non-surgical Periodontal Therapy.

These products control the growth of the bacteria that cause periodontal disease, gingivitis and decay.

ZOOM! Whitening Services

zoomWe offer the ZOOM Bleaching system in our office. This is the same whitening treatment seen on the T.V. shows, "Complete Makeover" and "Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency". Made by Discuss Dental and used by Bill Dorfman renowned cosmetic dentist to the stars.

ZOOM II offers superior results to whiten your teeth to the lightest shade possible in the least amount of in office time. This cannot be done with simply take home bleach systems. Users of the new ZOOM II report remarkably less sensitivity than with any of the older versions of in office bleaching.

What sets our office apart from most offices using in office systems is that our treatment includes the take home maintenance system to keep your new whitened teeth their brightest.

You will be surprised how affordable this new treatment is. We also have great financing available.

VELscope cancer screening systemVELscope Cancer Screening System

We are pleased to announce that we now have the VELscope Cancer Screening System in our office.

The VELscope is used in conjunction with the traditional oral cancer examination procedures. VELscope facilitates early discovery and visualization of tissue abnormalities that may be or may lead to oral cancer. VELscope is the only non-invasive device clinically proven to help discover oral disease.

Dr. Ball and his staff have been trained in the use of the VELscope to quickly screen their patients for early changes in the oral tissue that may lead to oral cancer.

Be sure and ask for this new exam when you com in for an appointment. 

We are happy to offer this new FDA approved screening for our patients. Just another way we help you have a healthy mouth for a lifetime.


Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances

tap3Sleep apnea patients dissatisfied with their current CPAP treatments might benefit from an oral appliance to solve their sleep and snoring problems.

The oral appliance is worn only during sleep and supports the jaw in a forward position to help maintain the airway. Research shows these appliances are an effective option for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Obstructive sleep apnea is diagnosed by a sleep study.

Dr. Ball works closely with Board Certified Sleep Physicians custom fitting an oral sleep appliance to improve your sleep, restore your alertness and revitalize your health. Custom fabricated oral appliances are individually and uniquely made for each specific patient. Most cases of Apnea can be treated with an oral appliance but severe cases may need a combination of a CPAP and an oral appliance.

Oral appliance therapy is an effective, non-invasive treatment that fits into your lifestyle. Patients like oral appliance therapy because it is:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Quiet
  • Portable
  • Convenient for travel
  • Easy to care for

Dr. Ball has the following experience and training in the assessment and placement of oral sleep apnea appliances:

  • Medicare approved oral sleep appliance provider
  • Member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Accredited with Confluence Health & Health Alliance
  • Numerous Continuing Education courses
  • Over 15 years of experience placing oral sleep apnea appliances. 


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